In lockdown ….. again!!

It is November 2020 and we find ourselves in lockdown for the second time this year due to covid-19. This measure is in place to cut down the cross contamination which is a positive move ………….but it means I’m shut.

As I write this I am due to open in two weeks from today, fingers crossed!

So I decided to feel the pain of my clients who are going to have to go hairy as I can’t sugar them. I’m not going to turn the sugar pot on until the day I open which means I’m going to go hairy with my clients!!

My sugar pot will sit cold and lonely in my empty sugaring room, not a scrap of sugar will touch my skin!

I will not turn to the razor or creams to deal with my hairy problem as I know that sugaring is the only and best answer!

Fortunately, its cold outside so I can keep covered up, phew!!!