Exfoliation whilst in lock down so you’re ready when I open again!

It’s a strange time we find ourselves in, locked within our houses (except if you’re a key worker) for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus.

The weather is gorgeous with a beautiful sun that is warming us all up making it hard to believe the country is under storm from this virus!

I trust you are keeping yourselves well by ensuring you are eating correctly, hydrating yourself and taking the daily exercise allowed by the government.

Skin care in-between sugaring appointments is important, and this is not the time to forget it even though we don’t know when I will open again and be able to sugar your hair away!

Exfoliation is an absolute must to ensure the ingrowing hairs don’t cause you problems.  You don’t need a special tool for this – just a shower (or bath) and a flannel!

Move the flannel around in different directions, ensuring you don’t press too hard and break the skin  – you just want to feel a glow and the promise that you are helping your sugaring regime.

This will ensure all your hairs are out and ready when I am!

See you soon xx