In lockdown ….. again!!

It is November 2020 and we find ourselves in lockdown for the second time this year due to covid-19. This measure is in place to cut down the cross contamination which is a positive move ………….but it means I’m shut. As I write this I am due to open in two weeks from today, fingers […]

Exfoliation whilst in lock down so you’re ready when I open again!

It’s a strange time we find ourselves in, locked within our houses (except if you’re a key worker) for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus. The weather is gorgeous with a beautiful sun that is warming us all up making it hard to believe the country is under storm from this virus! I trust […]

A spoon full of sugaring leaves you fuzz free!

Are you faced with the problem of unwanted body hair? Are you fed up with all the methods you’ve used but still have that hair everywhere? I’ve got the answer to that problem. SUGARING! What’s that you ask? It’s an ancient method of removing hair using a natural sugar paste that consists of SUGAR + WATER […]