Who am I ?…..


I’m Genevieve Davidson – the happy owner of Gently Smooth Sugaring. I have been sugaring and offering this brilliant method of hair removal for over 6 years and I can tell you I LOVE IT!

I am blessed to have sugared so many lovely ladies ( and one or two men!) who are equally happy!

I am on a mission to instill in women confidence in their bodies to be able to wear shorts, go swimming, raise their arms, not cover up their faces without the worry of body hair. I want to SHOUT out to the world that SUGARING is the Best, least painful and most effective way to remove body hair!

I offer a relaxed environment where we can chat, laughter can be heard and you can be yourself without judgement! A friendly and personal service.

Bearing all!

This sugaring journey started due to the ongoing struggle I had with removing my body hair regularly. In my younger days I was a competitive swimmer in London, training 3-4 times a week. Once I hit puberty I started to shave my bikini area, under arms and legs. I quickly discovered that I was very ‘hairy’ and the re-growth was rapid. It appeared that as I removed the hair I was left with red, raw rashes that were more unsightly than the hair I had removed! Due to my choice of sport I just had to persevere as there were no alternatives available to me, unfortunately!

Still bearing all!!

I then qualified as a swimming teacher which meant I still had to bear my legs and bikini line, wearing a t-shirt saved the arm pits. phew! I was tired of the pain and unsightliness – I couldn’t even wear a pretty bikini on holiday as I was too embarrassed. So I HAD to search out a different method, very quickly!!

My Moustache

In addition I had a full blown moustache, a proper hairy caterpillar on my top lip! This really didn’t help my confidence, I was a very shy teenager already!! I spent so much time trying to hide it. I tried bleaching (the smell – yuck!) and heavy make up – neither really worked.

Sugaring …. isn’t that cake decorating?

So I sought out a different method. I looked about and came across “Sugaring” – hair removal.

It uses a natural sugar paste that pulls the hair out in the direction of growth, which cuts down on the pain – sounds fantastic – I’ll give it a try!

I was truly amazed at how this caramel consistency paste that crackled as it was placed on my skin then ‘flicked’ off removed my hair and was no where near as painful as I had feared! I had my legs, bikini line, arm pits and moustache sugared and I was a very happy bunny!!

Rashes begone……… and my moustache!!

The rashes and soreness disappeared! I honestly didn’t have any redness. I was required to exfoliate to reduce ingrowing hairs. I found after frequent (4-6 weeks) appointments I started to get areas where hair stopped growing. The hair became lighter in colour and wispier, less obvious to the onlooker!! And I can tell you that I am no longer the, not so proud, owner of a tache – its gone, vamoush, disappeared!! Whoop whoop! Entirley sugared away…..

And So ……

I started my sugaring business ‘Gently Smooth Sugaring’ as I was so impressed with the outcomes and I wanted to share it with YOU!

*I want you too to be confident in your bodies

*I want you to have someone who can deal with boring faff of body hair removal,

*I want you to feel how I do – Amazeballs!

 I have had clients coming to me repeatedly as they much prefer the results sugaring gives them as opposed the more common, but harsher practice’s.

Can’t wait to meet you xx