Are you faced with the problem of unwanted body hair and are fed up with all the methods you’ve used and still have that hair everywhere ~ I’ve got the answer to that problem.


What’s that you ask?

It’s an ancient method of removing hair using a natural sugar paste that consists of SUGAR + WATER

that’s it…..that’s all and it works!

Sugaring’s gentle properties means it is less painful than some alternatives and super effective on reducing hair growth too, with regular appointments, eventual elimination of hair in most cases!

I have a Beauty room in Market Drayton, Shropshire and I exclusively sugar those pesky hairs away using this natural sugar paste. A gentle and exfoliating method of hair removal that can be used on any part of the body including the face.

Come along and be pampered smooth whilst relaxing in my gorgeous Beauty Room!

I’d better Introduce myself – i am Genevieve Davidson and am a passionate Sugaring Practitioner. I have been in this business since July 2014 and am on a mission to spread the sugaring word!

A spoon full of sugaring is the way to go!

Check out my video showing legs being sugared,- I use ONE piece of paste only!